furniture / product design

The inspiration for this project was flat packed furniture. After observing the field of flat pack furniture, I came to understand the pattern in the material and method of assembly used in these kind of objects.

I wanted to design a piece of flat-pack furniture that is out of the norm in a field that can seem fairly repetitive; while also making it easy to transport, assemble, and maintain, all at a fair price.

Though many today consider inflatable furniture to be “low design” and mainly used for outdoor use, I wanted to revive a design that in the 60’s was actually considered to be at the height of creative design. I’ve done so by combining the inflatable aspects of the design with a modern wooden structure, creating both a visually appealing and comfortable piece of furniture design.

 DB_anda_ backDB_anda_side_Randa in the living roomlilachlilach2model half profilmodelbackmodelside