graphic design / product design

This project was designed with Mellisa Portilla. It was created in a course at ENSCI, in cooperation with the district of Aviron in France.

MAPP was created after realizing tourists coming to Aviron are exposed to huge amounts of information about the area before they even starting travelling. There are no surprises or sense of adventure. The purpose of this app was both to help people get around the city, but also allow them to “choose their own adventure” when it came to how they did that.

MAPP is an alternative map that brings “the journey” back into traveling. In a combination with an app, the user can be exposed to as much information he wants.

The map contains very little information- only interest points are marked with different color, categorizing them into different fields.

By scanning the map with the app on a smartphone, the user can receive as much information as they want at the moment such as directions, history, restaurants and hotels in the area, as well as recommendation from other users.